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    AVM Ovation ML6.2

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    The Functionality

    In generation .2 of the Music Library many functions have been optimized and new functions have been added like the internet radio. The current manual is now being added to be displayed in the APP directly. The import function has been vastly improved so that more information (tagging, meta data) can be recognized, administrated and edited. Most important, sound quality of the Master-RIPP function has been increased widely and now delivers a much improved result when ripping CD.

    OVATION ML 6.2 family in brief:

    • High End Music Server for CD-Ripping/Mastering: Master Ripp and Smart Ripp with a choice of WAV or FLAC files being stored as a result
    • Digital music formats with up to 192 kHz/24 bit resolution can be stored
    • Playable music formats (excerpts): FLAC, WAV, WMA, MP3, ACC, APE, AAC+ AIFF  up to 192kHz/24 bit
    • High-End Music-Track Caching with 1,5 GB cache
    • Intuitive GUI for iPad / iPod touch / iPhone with AVM iOS App
    • Unique Database management: Even the largest music collections may be managed and thanks to the enormous computing power applied speedy access is accomplished independent of the library size
    • Finder system allows a simplified and simultaneous search for artist, track and album. Search criteria may be customized easily
    • Special data base functions allow management of tagging functions. Classical music collection can be managed with ease
    • All functions are accessible via the App, no computer is necessary for editing tagging information and cover art
    • Easy creation of playlists and – management i.e. with quick-playlist
    • Professional SSD storage with 1 TB as a standard (may be expanded to 2 TB)
    • Internet Radio
    • Safety and back-up kit: Easy Back-up functionality via preconfigured NAS (optional)
    • Server function for multi room application: UPnP streaming protocol for i.e. Squeeze Box or Sonos
    • Fanless design: The ML6.2 is designed to also work in very warm environments, no fan is built in
    • OVATION Line housing design with massive polished aluminum components
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