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    Cyrus Stream XP2 Qx

    Цена:   57200.00 грн.

    Technical Information

    Included in UK specification;

    - Cutting-edge V2 streaming system developed for true high-end audio performance.
    - 24-bit/192kHz high resolution file capability
    - 24-bit/192kHz upsampling DAC and power supply
    - Very high quality multi input preamp from the DAC XP
    - n-remote; Learning, colour display handset enabling luxury audio & TV experience.
    - Compatibility with 3rd party UPnP iOS apps
    - Advanced multiple regulated power supplies, the heart of the design.
    - Multiple digital inputs
    - Digital iPod/phone capable. Made For iPhone.
    - < 1 watt low power standby.

    The Cyrus Stream XP design
    The core of the preamplifier is a further development on from the acclaimed XP system platform used in DAC XP and the integrated XP generation Cyrus integrated amplifiers. (X from our advanced X series range and P designating Preamp) New power supply and low-power-standby sections, designed specifically to work with the advanced upsampling Qx DAC module. These elements have enabled Cyrus to bring together our vast experience in power supply developments and the latest digital techniques.

    The n-remote RF system control with universal IR system feature.
    High quality preamplifiers can be successfully operated with a simple IR remote control of input and volume commands. However streaming demands much more control and data, delivered over the network to provide reliable and informative remote control. Although the V2streamers will work with many iOS app’s on iPads etc, Cyrus has designed an RF/IR handset that duplicates the front panel, and more, in a high quality remote. Colour album art, metadata from the DLNA server, full Cyrus system IR commands plus universal learned remote codes for thousands of compatible TV’s and PVR’s, all controlled from one stylish rechargeable, backlit, bi-directional, motion sensing and programmable handset. The n-remote provides, luxury, full system control for the first time in a streaming system.

    The Cyrus Qx DAC Design
    The Cyrus Qx DAC is a high performance DAC module of advanced specification. In keeping with the Cyrus tradition of low-obsolescence and upgradeability the module builds on the considerable strengths of the Cyrus Stream XP. The addition of the module provides a simple yet effective upgrade to the original DAC.

    • The Qx module features quartz reference anti jitter circuits to re align the edges of the digital signals coupled with upsampling to 192kHz. This eliminates timing errors which manifest themselves as unwanted signals in the output. This regeneration of clocks and upsampling gives off board DAC advantages within the Stream XP casework.

    • A 24-bit integrated filter DAC delivers state of the art technical performance in noise, distortion and linearity. This exceptional low level response allows small signals to be conveyed more faithfully.

    • The analog filter is a low noise 4 pole design, giving flat response across the audio band, with rapid attenuation of the high frequency digital images.

    • Specially chosen components and the widespread use of SMD devices minimises path lengths and component lead-out wires. This together with extensive power supply decoupling and star earthing enables the Qx module to perform with complete freedom from noise and instability, resulting in outstanding low-level resolution and clarity.

    Qx DAC module
    Input voltage                                       500mV pk-pk
    Input Impedance                                 75 Ohms
    Audio formats                                     PCM stereo only
    S/N ratio (Pre out, 0db FS)                 Better than 100dba
    THD+N (pre-out, 0db FS)                   Less than 0.002%
    Three additional high performance regulated power supplies,
    Up-samples to 192kHz,
    Factory trimmed quartz master clock for accurate re-clocking


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