Cyrus Streamline 2

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    Cyrus Streamline 2

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    Product Overview

    Cyrus’ new updated v2 streamers now have the ability to decode the highest resolution 24 bit 192kHz files that are only just becoming available. File compatibility with all the most popular formats include Apple Lossless (ALAC), FLAC, WAV and the common compressed formats like MP3 etc. These new developments push the critically acclaimed Cyrus streamers into the highest echelon of streaming technology.

    The Streamline₂ is a complete all-in-one music system. Due to its remarkable compact size and stylish appearance it can be the perfect choice for any room. The Streamline₂ is based upon the same platform as the Stream XP₂ Qx but it comes complete with a high performance built-in stereo power amplifier. Furthermore, the Streamline₂ offers great flexibility as it can be upgraded, so you can add more powerful amplifiers if you want to build up your Streamline's performance in the months or years to come. Because it's designed for easy use but based on the flagship Stream XP₂ Qx, this is a supremely flexible choice.

    Supplied with the stylish and intuitive n-remote control.

    Technical Information

    Power supply 
    Voltage: As plate on rear of unit 

    Power consumption
    Standby: <1W 
    Typical: 6.5W 
    EMC & Safety compliance: CE

    Dimensions (W x H x D): 215 x 75 x 385mm 
    Weight: 2.15kg 
    Material: Die cast chassis 

    Network connectivity 
    Cabled: Ethernet 
    Wireless: 802.11g 

    Digital audio performance 
    USB drive format: FAT16, FAT32
    Digital Input voltage: 500mV pk-pk 
    Digital Input Impedance:75 Ω 
    Digital audio formats: PCM stereo only

    UPnP and DLNA compatible
    Apple iPod digital USB input
    SPDIF Inputs x 3
    Optical Inputs x 2
    SPDIF digital output x 1
    TuneIn Radio

    Supported Files
    High Resolution 24Bit/192Khz

    Control Interfaces
    LCD front panel display with twist & click control
    Supplied with n-remote

    Wi-Fi antenna comes with magnetic base

    Analogue audio performance
    Preamp output (full volume, 0dB FS):3.99V
    S/N ratio (Pre-out, 0dB FS): >105dBA
    THD+N (Pre-out, 0dB FS): <0.005%

    Power amplifier performance
    Power output: 30W//8 Ω
    THD+N Speaker out (Streamline only): <0.01%
    S/N ratio (ref 1W): >80dBA


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