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    Olive One HD 1Tb

    Цена:   15600.00 грн.

    Aazing Sound

    HD Digital-Analog-Converter

    Based on Burr-Brown PCM5142:

    • 32-bit/384kHz

    • Dynamic Range / SNR: 112 dB

    • THD+N: - 93 dB @ - 1 dBFS (Typical)

    • 8X oversampling

    Dual HD amplifiers and DSP


    • 2x 32W/channel into 8 Ohm, high-efficiency (92%)

    • 1 amp per channel provides perfect channel separation

    • DSP with Olive's patent-pending SMART technology

    Supported Audio Formats

    WAV, AIFF, FLAC, MP3, AAC, Apple Lossless, Ogg Vorbis

    Audio Output


    • Analog:

      • 3.5mm

      • Gold-plated speaker binding posts

    • Digital:

      • Bluetooth*

      • Digital out (Coax, RCA)

      • USB (supported DACs only)

    Digital Audio Input


    • Bluetooth

    • DLNA/UPnP


    Lightning-fast technology platform and Music OS

    High-speed processor


    • Flawless encoding and decoding of lossless audio format

    • Fast management and access to extensive music libraries

    • Simultaneous streaming of high quality audio to multiple rooms

    Music OS


    • Smart: Patent-pending SESSION™ technology* and user profiles delivers personalized music discovery.

    • Social: Seamlessly integrates into your favorite social networks*. Join the Olive community to rate, discuss and review your favorite artists.

    • Open: Linux and Olive SDK gives millions of developers possibility to develop great music apps. Open music platform* allows music artists to reach their fans and distribute their music in studio master quality.

    Graphical User Interface


    • Built-in 7.0 inch high-resolution LCD with capacitive touch-screen

    • View the User Interface on network/web-enabled TVs*

    • Free Apple® iPhone®, iPad® and Android App

    Wireless HD Docking Station

    Wireless (802.11a/b/g/n)


    • Supports music streaming via UPnP.

    • Play music from Mac, PC, NAS (UPnP software required)

    • Wireless Multi-room music streaming (requires 1x ONE for each room)

    • Proprietary wireless streaming technology delivers perfectly synced music streams to up to 4 rooms simultaneously.



    • Stream music from portable devices and phones

    • Play music from music streaming services like Pandora, Spotify etc.*

    • Listen to music on your Bluetooth headphones or speakers

    *some services require apps and user accounts with these services.

    Storage & Home Cloud Service

    Optional: Built-in AV hard drive


    • Ultra-fast and power-efficient 2.5” AV hard drive

    • Capacities of 1TB or 2TB

    • 2TB holds approximately 20,000 HD tracks or 6,000 CDs in original quality.

    • User-serviceable: Add your own HDD or SSD.

    Olive Home Cloud Service


    • Access your music from anywhere in the world*.

    Green (like an Olive)

    Power consumption


    • Meets toughest EUP standard (0.5W in Standby/Hibernate).

    RoHS compliant


    • Electronic components meet the Restriction of Hazardous Substances Directive (RoHS).



    • Primarily uses recyclable materials for key components, such as aluminum and glass.

    Design & Package



    • Fine-grade aluminum enclosure

    Dimensions & Weight


    • Diameter: 9.0 inch (22.9 cm)

    • Height: 1.61 inch (4.1 cm) at highest point, 0.82 inch (2.1 cm) at lowest point

    • Weight: approximately 6 lb. (2.7 kg, without HDD)

    Package includes


    • Olive ONE

    • Analog audio cable

    • Power supply

    • WiFi Antenna

    • User Guide


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