Usher Audio P-307A

  1. Usher Audio P-307A

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    Usher Audio P-307A

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    The Usher Audio P307A pre amplifier, is an audiophiles dream. Offering both passive as well as two pairs of active outputs, if you want to bi-amp a system this is the pre amp for you. The attention to details isn't just in the output stage, offering 8 sets of inputs as well as a tape monitor and phono inputs (not half bad either) this pre amp is going to change the way you regard High Fidelity audio equipment.
    To protect those fragile audio signals from the vagaries of a AC supply the P-307A pre amp comes as standard with a regulated separate DC power supply. Ensuring the high quality electronic components have a chance to perform at their best, without the need for you to invest in expensive mains conditioning equipment.
    Technical Specification    
    Impedance     47 kohms
    Frequency Response     20Hz - 20KHz
    Signal to noise ratio     105dB
    Input     2.34V
    Weight    40Kgs
    Dimensions    43 x 28.8 x 7.7cm

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