VAC Phi Alpha Preamplifier

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    VAC Phi Alpha Preamplifier

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    The VAC Phi Alpha Series represents more affordable embodiments of our finest audio circuits and parts. As such, they might be considered to offer the greatest value, yielding most of the result at the most reasonable price possible.

    The VAC Phi Alpha Preamplifier contains the essential elements of the Phi Beta Preamplifier's high current line stage. It is a fully balanced, zero-feedback, Class A1 triode tube design with no coupling capacitors, external power supply, extensive remote control, Cinema Bypass™ input, six line inputs, tape loop, balanced inputs & outputs, 12 volt triggers, 25mm lacquered fascia, and ability to drive loads as low as 200 ohms with ease and without dynamic load interactions. Each line input may be assigned as volume-controlled or as fixed-level, allowing your high-end stereo system to integrate seamlessly with home theater or other level-controlled sources.

    Vinyl enthusiasts may specify a passively equalized three tube MM/MC phono option; sensitive & quiet, it can handle low output cartridges with ease. A twin MC input version is also available.

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