YBA Signature Pre Amp 4 chassis

  1. YBA Signature Pre Amp 4 chassis

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    YBA Signature Pre Amp 4 chassis

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    YBA Signature 4 chassis Amplifiers Up for sale is the unique and rare YBA 4 chassis amplifiers. These amplifiers may be considered the finest sounding solid state amplifiers ever made. Hand built by Yves Bernard Andre himself. Optimized for sound quality with no compromises whatsoever. One feature of these amplifiers is the very low heat output which is very nice for not heating up rooms or equipment racks. These amplifiers will come in the original boxes with 4 yba power cords and 2 yba power supply cables for connecting the outboard power supplies to the amplifiers. The amplifiers work perfectly and do not have many hours on them. The 4 chassis require shipping of 4 boxes the weight is over 220 lbs. I will charge only actual shipping charges. These amplifiers were built for the American market. These amps sold for $34,000 MSRP. They still have time left on warranty as they came with a 10 year manufacturer warranty. Payment terms to be discussed at end of auction. I will accept bids from international buyers. Only serious bidders. Email with any questions. Thank you. Tech Sheet Power output : 100 W / 8 Ohms (117 V line power) 200 W / 4 Ohms (117 V line power) 2 kW / 0,7 Ohms (peak) Signal to noise ratio (unweighted) : > 100 dB Frequency response : from 5 Hz to 80 kHz at -3dB Input sensitivity : 1,1 V at P max Distortion : < 0,09% from 20 Hz to 20 kHz Consumption : quiescent : 100 VA at P max (both channels driven) : up to 2, 600 VA depending upon the model Damping factor : > 800 at 100 Hz, adjustable Input impedance : 27 k Ohms Rise time : 3 µs at 10 kHz Available versions : stereo, mono (2 chassis), 4 chassis Dimensions : 1, 2 or 4 chassis of 430 x 330 x 132 mm Weight : 24, 48 or 100 kg Specifications The YBA 1 amplifier circuit has a unique simplicity and effectiveness; the current state of our knowledge permits no improvement. Because the signal in this circuit does not traverse any passive components, but only transistors, Yves-Bernard ANDRE has, for the YBA Signature line, improved the characteristics of the transistors of the YBA 1 amplifier, which produces, among other things, an increase of the second break-down voltage floating ground power supplies without any current flowing in the grounds Power supplies optimized by the use of double C transformers which permit the best impulse response and eliminate the greatest part of line noise Highly stabilized and filtered power supplies Perfect heat transfer from the transistors to the heat sinks by special mounting without the mica and insulation usually employed. This significantly reduces thermal distortion (a characteristic not measured in the usual tests) Exceptionally large available current Use of custom-made YBA resistors (1W 1% metal film), YBA capacitors (polypropylene and copper), transistors and gold-plated non-magnetic connectors (patented)

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